Growing of Online Casino and Slots Are Growing Popularity

The online casino industry is booming day by day mainly due to the high rate of internet adoption across the world. Before the development of online gambling platforms such as online casinos and betting sites, gamblers were forced to travel to land-based betting locations to place the bet. But now a day everything completely changed and anyone can place their bet online with the comfort of their house and withdrawal of one’s winnings is also quite simple from the online platforms; it also provides ease of online money transfer.

According to the Telegraph survey the online gambling industry was valued at 46 billion USD at the end of 2019 and projections further indicate that this market will grow to 94 billion USD by 2024. Additional statistics provided by the Telegraph digest further indicate that 60 percent of all revenues generated from online casinos come in the form of online bets, while 75 percent of those bets are placed through mobile phones. All this information indicates that the online gambling world is an unequivocal success and is a market that will continue to expand in 2020 and so on.

The First Online Casino Gambling

  • Some interesting facts about the first online casino gaming…
  • The first-ever online casino comes on the internet was in1994 by Microgaming.
  • The first online progressive jackpot game on the internet was Microgaming’s Cash Splash.
  • The live dealer games were first introduced at the Playtech platform.

Online casinos personalizing their services to attract more players.

Old online casino sites providing poor customer support, bonuses full of terms and conditions, slow withdrawals process, and hectic games forced many players to quit online casinos. But in present days a new breed of online gambling platforms emerges, players are increasingly experiencing bespoke services from casinos and new casino sites really doing hard world to attract beginners by providing various upgraded features.

Some of the major things casinos are doing to command the player’s attention and loyalty…

  1. Live Support

In the present scenario casinos without live support through chatbots or mail have faced sharp criticism from players and critics.

All online casino sites provide 24*7 customer care support to solve any quarry of players.

  1. Awesome Bonuses

Players love bonuses, even it’s a measly £5 free bet. But the gambling industry facing high competition so the best casinos have found a way to make every bonus feel special to the players. As a player becomes a regular customer, they start tailoring their bonuses. If you play blackjack more often than slots or bingo you start earning blackjack bonuses.

  1. High-quality Games

In the present situation, online casinos have a wide variety of games for people. The online casino serves from types of sports to pop culture, rock music to pure mythology, games are diverse in such a way that it must suit every kind of player.

  1. Origination

Online casinos are the most innovative online business in the world as it adopts the latest technologies faster than other industries. Online gaming platform continuously changing their web designs & graphics and introduce various new features to improve user experiences. Best online casinos have a unique feature that allows players to bookmark their favorite games or slots that they want to play afterward.

  1. Supporting different Languages and Banking Methods.

Many licensed online casinos target game lovers from countries across the world. UK based gaming companies also tend to accept gamblers from different countries. For expanding the market in different their website must support multiple languages.

Online casino is now also extended their payment methods by accepting payments from globally recognized companies like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and Visa. All these efforts are done to tailor casino services to all casino players across the world.

The rapid growth of the Online Gambling Market.

According to UK based magazine, the online gambling market is projected to continue the rapid expansion in 2020, as a result of five major trends which are…

  1. The exponential increase in the number of women in the online gambling world.
  2. The rapid growth of credit and debit cards penetration
  3. Changing habits of game lover
  4. Reliance on alternative cash options for gamblers.
  5. Changes in marketing strategies of the online gaming world.

A study says an interesting fact that female gamblers prefer to bet in private, where they face less intimidation from male players. In 2016, exponential growth in the number of female gamblers was noted it signals the continued expansion of the online gambling market. A high penetration rate of debit and credit cards in the market has also allowed users to access foreign online gaming websites using international cards. This trend boosts the growth of the online gambling industry.