How to Deposit and Withdraw: Guide to Online Casino Payment Method

One wish which every casino player dreams of is a fast and secure payment process from online casino sites. Today we are going to discuss about deposit and withdrawal process, provided by these online casino sites and slot sites.


If you are a new player in this world, then depositing money online on casino sites or slot sites can create a problem for you and often creates mistrust in providing the card details. But, it’s not a sign of worry, in every online transaction or online shopping you have to pay through your cards.

Most of the players are scared because of financial theft and card details, but cards are the safest and secure option for depositing and withdrawing money.

Credit Cards

The most common methods for making deposits at the best online casino sites uk are credit cards, maximum players playing slots, and casinos use to deposit money through this process.

The most popular card brand name which is accepted by entire gambling industry is visa and MasterCard. Most of the casino sites also accept other cards like American Express, Standard Charted, Citi Bank but are not used by the entire gambling industry.

Debit Cards

Debit Cards are also the most common process used by players across the globe for making online transactions. Players get an option of paying money that is already in their bank account. Debit Cards which are acceptable by most gambling sites are MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro Debit, and Visa Card.

Many countries across the globe like the USA where Credit Card and Debit Card acceptance rates are slowing day by day, although this is not a problem for you, gambling sites are trying to find a common solution that can be suitable for everyone. As of now, both cards are being accepted everywhere.

Prepaid Cards

Another way of depositing money to online casino sites by using your vouchers and Prepaid Cards. This type of payment process favorable for those players who have neither e-Wallets nor Credit Cards/Debit Cards. For making through this process your card needs to top up with a certain amount you can use to make a deposit at new online casino sites uk you choose. Virtual Prepaid Cards which are accepted by most of the gambling sites are EntroPay, EcoVirtualCard, AstroPay, Paysafecard, and others.


E-Wallets are like accounts where your money is stored, you can use this money for either making transfers to other bank accounts or for online transactions. This is one of the most convenient methods, so it is widely used in e-commerce and by the gambling industry

The most popular e-Wallet in the world used by countless websites everywhere is perhaps PayPal.


Today most of the online casino sites and slot sites are using Neteller as an e-wallet option. At some time Neteller was the one and only one option for e-wallet options available.

Skrill (Moneybookers)

Formally known as Moneybookers, Skrill is an e-commerce business used for online payment and online transactions. Today all the gambling site gives the option of Skrill for making their online transaction.


This process is most widely used in Canada and Europe for making casino deposits, you can deposit in a range of currencies through EcoCard, and also considered one of the safest and secure options for making online transactions.

Pay by Phone

Many players are getting worried due to cybersecurity, so peoples have started using the pay by phone option for making payments to online casinos, as this is one of the quick and safe options for making online transactions.

Cryptocurrencies, Bank Transfer and Cheques

Wire Transfer

This option is generally used by gamblers of the USA and Canada, in this wire transfer method you supposed to provide your bank details, in this case, you have to trust your online gambling site, and with no middle man, players can expect their money in 5 to 10 days.

If you have deposited through your MasterCard and the same option is not available for withdrawing your winning cash, then this method is the best way to withdraw your money.


It is similar to a physical cheque works, just this option works a little bit quicker and fasts for transactions, if you want to receive your money urgently, in this case, players can go for eCheques options.


Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity worldwide for making payments, currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin are making impossible for criminals for taking out money from their wallet. This is the reason today most of the online casino sites and slot sites are providing an option of cryptocurrencies for making payments.


Cheques are the easiest way to cash out your money from an online gambling site. No matter what technology is going, this option will never be affected by it. Although receiving your winning amount in cheques is always full of excitement, to receive it with your name printed on it.


What are the most popular depositing methods?

Depositing money always depends on your country of residence and your general personal preference. However, Neteller and Skrill are the most common methods and are widely accepted by all gambling sites.

Which depositing/withdrawing option is fastest?

E-Wallet is the fastest and safest option for depositing and withdrawing money, Credit Card and Debit can also be considered as a good option for this process.

What are the most secure methods for depositing and withdrawing?

All the banking options discussed here are secure enough for making any online transaction, this totally depends on you in choosing one of them, choose as per your convenience.

What are the currencies in which I can make a deposit?

Many currencies are regulated across the globe, so the gambling sites also provide different currencies options for making deposits like GBP, USD, EUR, and many more.

What is the minimum deposit can I make in the casino?

Although there are no limits in depositing money, one can add as much money as per his will, but there is a limit imposed on the minimum amount which will be acceptable is from £5 to £50. This minimum amount varies from site to site according to their term & conditions.

Is there a limit on withdrawing money?

Yes, every casino has minimum and maximum limits based on its terms & conditions, so check before you start to play. These limits can be on the basis of one day, weekly, or monthly.

Are there any fees for withdrawing money?

These withdrawing charges depend on what options you are choosing and also depends on casino’s internal policy, some of the common options like Neteller, E-wallet, Skrill doesn’t take any fees for making transaction.